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Nexus Cattle Marketing delivers negotiated cash sales, forward contracts and other risk managment tools. 

Cattlemen deal with risk every day, whether its weather, feed costs and availability or herd health. Not to mention marketing.

Today, worldwide factors can send domestic cattle markets downward in minutes. The challenges and questions in the cattle business are tough, broad and important. It’s high volume and low margin.

Producers have a range of opinions about price risk and how to deal with it in their operations. But how should the individual producer think about risk management? Let’s try this.

Briefly, risk management starts with producers
1. Understanding where their operations stand today
2. Knowing where they want them to be tomorrow
3. Using the tools available today to get them where they want to be tomorrow

That's what we're all about at Nexus. Your profit, pure and simple.

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Price Risk Management

The uncertainties inherent in weather, yields, prices, government policies, global markets, and other factors can cause wide swings in farm income. Risk management involves choosing among alternatives that reduce financial effects that can result from such uncertainties.

Production risk derives from the uncertain natural growth processes of crops and livestock. Weather, disease, pests, and other things affect the quantity and quality of commodities produced.

Price or market risk refers to uncertainty about the prices producers will receive for commodities or the prices they must pay for inputs. The nature of price risk varies significantly from commodity to commodity.

Financial risk results when the farm business borrows money and creates an obligation to repay debt. Rising interest rates, the prospect of loans being called by lenders, and restricted credit availability are also aspects of financial risk.

Market With Us

Profit in the cattle business today isn’t always a sure thing. Once markets fall—and they always do­— you'll be glad you protected yourself. And there’s no better risk management plan for cattle than the Nexus family of products.

Profit Plus and Holstein Profit Plus, our premium marketing programs, combined with Freedom Hedge, give you all the tools you need, for cash sales, forward contracting and futures and options. And, best of all, our staff have decades of experience with putting the most money possible into your bank account.

And, Cash Cow Plus, our cull cow program, delivers better prices than you can get at the sale barn. You should consider cull cows a valuable asset, and market them that way. Our producers understand they earn higher prices when they join a national cull cow pool. That way, our negotiators can go to work for you and harness consumer and packer demand.

Call us today to learn what Nexus can do for you, and your operation. Just call 419.953.0546.


Nexus Cattle Calculator

Our Nexus Cattle Calculator is a producer’s best friend. Offering a Fed Cattle Cost of Gain, Reverse Breakeven and  Compound Interest Calculators, it’s everything you need to make decision — right in the palm of your hand.

It’s a free download for iPhone and Android phones.

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