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I’m a third generation cattle producer and have been active in the cattle industry for 30 years, 20 of those years in cattle marketing. For the last 15 years I’ve traveled the Midwest working with cattle feeders, custom feedlots and packing plants. I dedicate my time to marketing feeder and fat cattle; my main objective is maintaining profitability for producers in the beef production livestock sector.

          Pat Lampert, Director of Livestock Operations



Because I have worked in production agriculture most of my life, I understand the demands on producers’ time and management skills today, especially those with diversified farming operations. I believe producers benefit from personalized assistance with their marketing and risk management strategies. I am committed to helping operations remain profitable by assisting producers in protecting their cost of production and achieving a reasonable return on investment.

                   Jeff Rose, Cash Sales Manager—Beef


America’s hard-working, quality-focused producers perform with excellence when it comes to sending superior cattle to market. It’s the best in the world, and consumers want it.


That's where the marketing professionals at Nexus Marketing can help you. We have decades of cash cattle sales and superior price risk management programs.


Nexus marketing analysts believe using price risk management tools as part of a cattle marketing plan helps producers capture profits and manage risk. And the sales program still also encompasses capitalizing on the open market for a portion of the beef production.


When the marketing plan includes forward pricing opportunities, producers enjoy a much more clear picture of where they stand financially. That, in turn, allows them to plan more comprehensively on the whole operation, and eases the process of securing financing.


At Nexus, we put our decades of marketing experience to work for you. Pat Lampert has extensive experience working with cattle feeders, custom feedlots and packing plants. He works hard everyday to wring every dollar from the market for producers.


Jeff Rose is dedicated to delivering personalized help to each producer, no matter their size. His experience with all aspects of the cattle business help you achieve a superior return on your livestock enterprise.


And, the excellent support staff at Nexus helps producers with details and follow-up questions after delivery. Our pros in the field know cattle, livestock processing and more. At Nexus, we center our time and resources on you, the producer.