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The cattle business has its ups and downs.  And, you can’t always forecast accurately.  That’s why you need our risk management planning from  Nexus. We can help protect your investment, and let you continue the lifestyle you love.

Profit Plus and Holstein Profit Plus, our premium beef marketing programs, combined with our Freedom Hedge, give you all the tools you need for cash sales, forward contracting, and futures and options. Our marketing pros have decades of experience with putting the most money possible in you pocket.

Cash Cow Plus, our cull cow program, delivers better prices than you can get at the sale barn. You should consider cull cows a valuable asset, and market them that way. Our producers understand they earn higher prices when they join a national cull cow pool. That way, our negotiators can go to work for you and harness consumer and packer demand.

Call us today to learn what Nexus can do for you, and your operation. Call 419.953.0546.

Our Marketing Pros

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Pat Lampert

I’m a third generation cattle producer and have been active in the cattle industry for 30 years, 20 of those years in cattle marketing.
For the last 15 years I’ve traveled the Midwest working with cattle feeders, custom feedlots and packing plants. I dedicate my time to marketing feeder and fat cattle; my main objective is maintaining profitability for producers in the beef production livestock sector.

Pat Lampert, Director of Livestock 
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Jeff Rose

Because I have worked in production agriculture most of my life, I understand the demands on producers’ time and management skills today, especially those with diversified farming operations. I believe producers benefit from personalized assistance with their marketing and risk management strategies. I am committed to helping operations remain profitable by assisting producers in protecting their cost of production and achieving a reasonable return on investment.

Jeff Rose, Cash Sales Manager—Beef

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