"I've got 90 percent of my cattle on contracts with Nexus. I don't know what I'd do without risk management. It's allowed me to add buildings and grow my operation." —Keith Wrobleski



Profit in the cattle business today isn’t always a sure thing. Once markets fall—and they always do­— you'll be glad you protected yourself. And there’s no better risk management

plan for cattle than the Nexus family of products.


Profit Plus, our premium beef and Holstein marketing program, combined with our Freedom Hedge, gives you all the tools you need, for cash sales, forward contracting, and futures and options. And, best of all our staff have decades of experience with putting the most money possible into your bank account.


And, our cull cow program delivers better prices than you can get at the sale barn. You should consider cull cows a valuable asset, and market them that way. Our producers understand they earn higher prices when they join a national cull cow pool. That way, our negotiators can go to work for you and harness consumer and packer demand.


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Risk Management Worksheet